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WillSpur83 01-23-2018 01:04 PM

Recently Purchased ‘13 Paceman S
I recently bought a Mini in Dallas. It’s a 2013 with one previous owner, beautifully kept interior and right at 60K miles. I have put less than 350 miles on it since purchase in November. I noticed soon after buying that the clutch would stick a bit when starting to roll forward from a stop. I then had several instances at high speeds where it seemed as though it wouldn’t shift in to fifth gear. It would feel as though it engaged and then no power was being generated when letting off the clutch and engaging the throttle. I read several places that said it was probably just the clutch. I drove it for less than 2 weeks after the first occurrence and the car felt as though the clutch went out and it smelled awful. No power. Couldn’t engage the clutch pedal. Nothing. I tried contacting mini of dallas for a week and couldn’t schedule an appointment. I finally found a BMW specific shop in the dallas area that is highly reputable. They are telling me the clutch needs to be replaced but the mechanic believes it is a transmission issue. Can anyone offer any advice? Have you had this issue?

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