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after market schramm seat belt

Old 06-05-2007, 09:12 PM
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Default after market schramm seat belt

This isn't over. It is 10 pm tuesday and I will be calling the dealer tomorrow and then, perhaps, a local car carage.
This is a story of sloppiness (perhaps) in one area that can wreck the simplest of plans to try and improve my safety (unless the product is over-rated).
I bought a rally style seat belt (4 point rather than the 3 point factory) from moss mini. The product is supposed to install in 10 minutes and if the car had been built properly in this one area, it would have installed.
Someone had to have stripped the threads on the left rear seat bolt anchor bolt when the car was built. Rather than take the car off the assembly line and fix it or whatever, it was sent down the line. Of course, I end up with it. If there is one crap product in 100, I'll end up with it. Normal 3 point seat belts cut my neck and I either wear one of those after-market belt adjusters or wear it under my arm which renders the belt less useful. I bought the rally-style to try and improve my safety. Because of ONE BOLT this attempt to improve my safety is most likely .. ruined. Because someone had to strip some threads. and say and do nothing. A 20,000 dollar vehicle and ONE BOLT????
The torx-head bolt backs out with great difficulty and, when it reaches a certain point, will not unscrew any further. The other bolt used in installing this new seat belt backed out with no problem and was able to be removed with fingers (after it was loosened sufficiently) but not this ONE BOLT.
People wonder why I have the negative attitude that I do. It is because of constant variations of this ONE BOLT. I am fairly sure I am screwed and will have to use the factory seat belt. Will do, but this moss mini-belt woudl do heck of a lot better. I doubt the dealer will help me in any way shape or form as they fear (rightly so) for their own liability. However, imo, this ONE BOLT is their responsibility. I do not iknow whether to make an issue over ONE BOLT. The seat belt strap that bolts to the anchor point is only one size hole. I know the anchor hole could probably be rethreaded (I think if the original bolt is ever removed, nothing will ever go in its place again) and a slightly larger bolt used but would it fit through the hole?
So, anyone working on an assembly line.. you think that this ONE BOLT wont' make a difference? THINK FREAKIN HELL AGAIN.

two cents ΒΆΒΆ
Old 06-19-2007, 06:52 AM
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Default RE: after market schramm seat belt

Is your car still under warranty? If so then you should be able to ask for the bolt to be replaced. You have no need to tell them why you want it replaced. But they can replace the bolt under warranty and then you can take it out after that! Try a bit of grease/ WD40 and try and get something that will give constant upwards pressure while you try the bolt. If it is stripped then it should come out!
Old 06-21-2007, 12:52 PM
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Default RE: after market schramm seat belt

Thanks for replying.. I was in a rather 'annoyed' mood when I wrote that.. still sort of annoyed. The car has been in the shop on a regular basis, it has a new transmission even, but all the rest have been minor annoyance value items. This was a 'last straw' in a line of them (although it hasn't ceased--it's going in AGAIN for some sensor that has gone haywire.)
I put some 3 in one oil on it and took it to a body shop. They didn't even charge me anything because the bolt came right out with an air wrench. They were prepared for the worst, but it simply popped out. The seat belt is now installed and a heck of a lot nicer than the factory 3 pointer.
The cars history? 1)-The sun roof stuck open and it was very difficult to get in reverse. Fixed both (cables for transmission.) 2)-Still difficult to get into reverse and gas cap would n't shut anymore. Adjusted actuator thingumie and replaced with new transmission!!! (that works fine now).3)-Car would no longer lock on drivers side either automatically or with switch. Had to manually depress or use key. fixed 4)- Car returning next week because 'need service soon' light will not go out. I am now playing by the rules: make sure the cap clicks on and, despite what the mechanic said, the key was OUT of the ignition. (too much car-jacking if you leave it in). The second time I was in for this, this is what I was told and he turned off the light. Well, I didn't gas car and the light came back on. I'm pretty sure it is the gas cap again, so I think the sensor is demented. I now have the service dept on speed dial. (This is all since February.)
Don't get me wrong: I like the car, it is a blast to drive, but it proves something I've thought all along: too much automatic electronic gadgetry on cars, too much to go wrong and be annoying. Just try and get a bare bones cooper.
Might just nick-name it the pooper scooper.
I did call my old car (which would not give up.. I miss it) the rolling dumpster. Think I should have kept it.
Thanks for replying.. I still lov my cooper even if it is annoying.
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